Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer face an exceedingly difficult decision. The generally recommended treatment is surgery and radiation; however, the risk of severe toxicity and probable long-term negative side effects come along with that. Should they hazard it? Of course, doing nothing is certainly not an option. What should patients do?

Thankfully, Proton Therapy presents another alternative, one that has shown to work excellently on patients with prostate cancer. Proton Therapy’s innovative radiation procedure offers a more precise tumor targeting technique with a much lower risk of negative side effects.

Proton Therapy transmits radiation doses with more accuracy than traditional radiation, which means physicians can use higher, more effectual doses. Furthermore, there is no exit dose, immediately reducing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

The procedure offers the probability of a much better quality of life. While patients who have undergone conventional radiation often suffer from impotence, incontinence, gastrointestinal disorders and other unpleasant side effects, those who have used proton therapy have had a much better experience.

At the New York Proton Institute, we’ve already treated numerous patients with prostate cancer successfully. Check out our testimonials to read firsthand accounts. If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, contact us for more specific information.

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