Unlike many other tumors, primary brain tumors tend to start and remain in the brain. However, they may, at times, spread to other parts of the brain or spine. Brain tumors are mostly benign, but some are malignant. The difference usually depends on how the tumor originated. Benign brain tumors generally stem from the meninges, the three membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, from nerve sheaths or from the pituitary gland. Malignant brain tumors usually start in the astrocytic or glial cells (specific cells in the brain). The terms for these tumors are astrocytoma and oligodendoglioma respectively. Other brain tumors, such as lymphoma (arising from the cellular elements of the lymph nodes) and ependymoma (arising from the cells in the central nervous system), are also fairly common. The extent of the malignancy can vary from Grade 1, which is the best case scenario, to Grade IV, which is the worst.

 When possible, surgical removal of the brain tumor is recommended. However, most brain tumors cannot be entirely removed or entirely cured by surgery. As a rule, radiation therapy or chemotherapy is recommended in addition to the surgery, in order to eliminate the lingering cancer cells.

Proton Therapy for Brain Tumors
Treatment for any type of cancer requires grave thought, but because brain tissue is exceedingly sensitive, accuracy and precision are especially crucial when treating brain tumors. Proton Therapy allows for the delivery of intense doses of radiation to the tumor site, with nominal or zero negative side effects on the surrounding healthy tissue.

During Proton Therapy, forceful accurately aimed beams of protons travel directly to the cancerous cells. Once there, they stop, unlike conventional radiation that still requires an exit dose. Because Proton Therapy does not need to travel back out of the body, there’s no risk of their damaging healthy brain tissue on the way out. What this means for you, the patient, is that higher, more effectual radiation doses can be used to eradicate the brain tumor without jeopardizing the healthy parts of your brain.

At the New York Proton Therapy Institute, our physicians have treated many brain tumors successfully. Contact us to find out whether you are a candidate for Proton Therapy. It’s your life; we want to protect it.

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