Proton therapy is a type of treatment that uses an external beam of radiation to kill cancer cells.

Traditional forms of radiations such as x-rays can destroy many types of cancers when give in high enough doses.However,traditional types of radiation are difficult to control. Because of this much of their energy is spent entering the body .Radiation is deposited in normal tissue that surrounds the targeted tumor and passes beyond the tumor thorough the body .This lack of precision causes radiation to damage healthy tissues sometimes so much so that an adequate dose can not be delivered to the tumor.

Protons on the other hand, can be controlled to deliver maximum energy at the tumors site. Very little radiation is wasted entering the body, and the precision of protons prevents radiation from continuing beyond the tumors site. This level of control is unique to protons therapy, and makes it superior to other forms such as IMRT, Gamma Knife and TomoTherapy.

Proton therapy is also referred to as a type of conformal radiation therapy. Conformal means the beam can be shaped to match the targeted tumor. This enables the entire tumor to be treated but spared surrounding tissues.

Proton therapy is the only treatment that allows us to control inside the patient what the radiation does, we can control its starting and stopping.

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