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At the Proton Institute of New York, we're committed to changing the
way cancer is treated, and the way cancer treatment is experienced.
That's why we're developing the newest, least invasive and most promising tool in use today: Proton therapy.

Benefits of proton therapy over conventional therapy:
Fewer short and long term side effects
less damage to healthy tissue in children and adults
Reduced incidence of secondary tumors resulting from radiation
treatment Imagine a cancer treatment that precisely targets tumors.
Imagine higher cure rates for localized cancers.

That's Proton Therapy.


Consulting with your doctor

Consulting with your doctor

Proton therapy is a type of treatment that uses an external beam of radiation to kill cancer cells.

Traditional forms of radiations such as x-rays can destroy many types of cancers when give in high enough doses.
The National Association for Proton Therapy
Provides a thorough overview of proton therapy from an independent, not-for-profit public source.

American Cancer Society
Information on many different kinds of cancer - including prostate cancer - and cancer treatments

Provides comprehensive information on cancer treatments, cancer research advances, continuing medical education, etc.

Read some of the testimonials of previously treated proton patients.

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View a detailed presentation how Proton therapy works and the benefits of Proton vs. other types of treatement.
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